Elizabeth Telekinesis

Elizabeth creating fire from a lamp

Pyrokinesis is an ability of witches to conjure, manipulate and extinguish fire through their mind. Witches commonly use this basic power to light candles and can also use liquids (e.g. alcohol, water, etc.) as an accelerant; as such can be used in destructive offensive magic. This power can also be activated through a spell though commonly performed non-verbally, is evoked through the Latin-based term "Incendia". Controlling or extinguishing flames, which requires more focus, typically require a verbal spell.

Users Edit

Christopher ChamberlainEdit

Christopher adapted his ancestor's spell to manipulate hellfire, as well as taught it to Lizzie in order to control and manipulate the fire of an explosion during Riley's wedding to protect themselves. The spell protected them from the smoke and heat of the fire as the magic wrapped around them. Chris then, using his magic, directed the residual fires, that spanned the building, into a focal point and out through the fireplace chimney.

Christopher performed the variant incantation to manipulate and control hellfire in order to contain and draw the hellfire from Anaheim down into the underground tunnels to the Armory in order to destroy Katherine and back to hell, destroying everything along with it. As the fires reached him, he was able to hold it off though his power waned. He claimed that it wasn't his time and his mother appeared, telling him to keep fighting and that he was never alone. The spirits of other Chamberlain witches and his brother and niece aided him in his spell and saved the town.

Elizabeth Chamberlain Edit

Lizzie was taught to use Incendia by Thomas. After absorbing some magic from her, she was able to start a small ember on a plank of wood which quickly grew. She instinctively protected themselves from the smoke and heat of the explosion during Riley's wedding by siphoning from Chris. Together, they directed the residual fires, that spanned the building, into a focal point and out through the fireplace chimney. the Hollow, possessing Elizabeth Chamberlain used this basic power to set the grimoire, the Sacrificial Instruction Manual, ablaze, ensuring that it couldn't be used by Chris to entrap her spirit.

Chamberlain Coven Edit

During Chris's greatest need, Thomas, Elizabeth, and other ancestral Chamberlain witches came to him aid. Together, they performed the variant hellfire manipulation spell and sent hellfire back to hell, destroying Katherine and hell along with it.